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Aricalpizin qen ovcovai: qen ov`cm3 `ncalpijjoc: qen ov`ehoov `nneten2ai: ge ovahcahni `n)eoc.

Blow the trumpet at the new moon: with the sound of the trumpet: on your festive day: for it is an order from God.

F3`ethemci higen Nixerovbim: a4talo4 `eov`e`w: a42e `eqovn `eIerovcal3m: ovpe paini25 `n0ebio.

He, Who is sitting on the Cherubim: rode on a donkey: and entered into Jerusalem: What great humility!

Kata `fr35 `eta4goc: `nge David qen piyalmoc: ge `4`cmarwovt `nge f3e0n3ov: qen `fran `m`Psoic `nte nigom.

According to what David said: in the Psalms: "Blessed is He, Who comes: in the name of the Lord of Hosts."

Tote a4gwk `ebol `mpicagi: `nte David pi`pnevmatoforoc: ge `ebolqen rwov `nhankovgi: `n`alwovi `mpair35 e4gw `mmoc.

Then He completed the saying: of David the Spirit-bearer: who likewise said: "Out of the mouths of the little children."

Cehwc `ero4 qen ovnehci: avge fai pe Emmanov3l: Wcanna qen n3etsoci: fai pe `povro `mpIcra3l.

They praise Him watchfully: saying, "This is Emmanuel: Hosanna in the highest: This is the King of Israel."

Aniovi `m`Psoic ni23ri `nte `Fnov5: `aniovi `m`Psoic `nov`wov nem ovtaio: `e2l3lov`i `ebol `mPennov5: qen hando7olojia `n`cmov.

Bring to the Lord, O sons of God: Bring to the Lord glory and honor: Rejoice in our God: with doxologies of blessing.

N0ok `Fnov5 `4er2av nak: `nge pigw qen Ciwn: nem Ierovcal3m ev`e5 nak: `nhanevx3 2a ni`ewn.

Praise is due to you, O God: in Zion and Jerusalem: They send to You: prayers unto the ages.

Wcanna qen n3etsoci: fai pe `povro `mpIcra3l: `4`cmarwovt `nge f3e0n3ov: qen `fran `m`Psoic `nte nigom.

Hosanna in the highest: This is the King of Israel: Blessed is He, Who comes in the name: of the Lord of Hosts.

Tenhwc `ero4 ten5`wov na4: tenerhov`o sici `mmo4: hwc `aja0oc ovoh `mmairwmi: nai nan kata pekni25 `nnai.

We praise Him and glorify Him: and exalt Him above all: as Good and Lover of Mankind: Have mercy on us according to Your great mercy.


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