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Tote rwn a4moh `nra2i: ovoh penlac qen ov0el3l: ge Pensoic I=3=c P=x=c: a4siwmc hiten Iwann3c

Then our mouth was filled with joy: and our tongue with rejoicing: for our Lord Jesus Christ: was baptized by John.

`Al30wc `tfe nem `pkahi: meh `ebol qen pektaio: `w `Psoic fa 5gig et`amahi: nem pi2wb2 `nre4tovgo

Truly heaven and earth: are full of Your honor: O Lord of the mighty hand: and the life-giving arm.

Ge `Psoic a4`i ovoh a4siwmc: e0be nennobi `anon hwn: a4tovgon a4cw5 `mmon: qen ovni25 `mmet2enh3t

For the Lord came and was baptized: for our sins:  He delivered and saved us: with great compassion.

David `amov tenm35 `mfoov: e0rekgw `m`ptaio `mpai2ai: ge `p`qrwov `m`Psoic higen nimwov: `Fnov5 `nte `p`wov a4erqarabai

David, come today in our midst: to proclaim the honor of this feast: saying, "The voice of the Lord is over the waters: the God of Glory has thundered."

#ca`3ac a4mov5 `ero4: ge `p`qrwov `mpetw2 `ebol: hi ni2a4ev qen ovovno4: `epibioc etg3k `ebol

Isaiah called him: “The voice of one crying out: in the wilderness joyfully: for the perfect life.”

Fiom a4nav ovoh a4fwt: `a piIordan3c kot4 `efahov: ovpet2op `fiom ge akfwt: matagrok hina `nteksi`cmov

The sea saw and fled: and the Jordan turned back: What happened, O sea, that you fled?: Stand firm so that you will be blessed.

H3ppe avnav `nge nimwov: `epid3miorjoc `nre4cwnt: averho5 ovoh a4tahwov: `nge ov`20orter nem ovtwmt

Behold, the waters have seen: the Maker and Creator: and they feared: Agitation and confusion overtook them.

Ra2i nitwov nem nikalamfwov: piiah`223n nem ni2enci4i: `ebol qa `th3 `m`pho `m`povro: f3`eta40amio `nnini4i

Rejoice, O the mountains and the hills: the thickets and the cedars: before the face of the King: Who has created the souls.

Xovab `Psoic ovoh `xovab: `xovab `Psoic I=3=c P=x=c: pi``wov `4er2av na4 nem Pe4iwt: nem Pi`pnevma `mparakl3ton

Holy is the Lord and Holy: Holy is the Lord Jesus Christ: the glory befits Him with His Father: and the Spirit, the Comforter.

E0be fai tenoi `nrama`o: qen ni`aja0on etg3k `ebol: qen ovnah5 teneryalin: engw `mmoc ge A=l

Wherefore we are rich: in the perfect good things: and in faith, we sing: saying, “Alleluia.”

A=l A=l: A=l A=l: I=3=c P=x=c `P23ri `m`Fnov5: a4siwmc qen piIordan3c

Alleluia. Alleluia: Alleluia. Alleluia: Jesus Christ, the Son of God: was baptized in the Jordan.

Fai `ere pi`wov er`prepi na4: nem Pe4iwt `n`aja0oc: nem Pi`pnevma e0ovab: icgen 5nov nem 2a `eneh

This is He to Whom the glory is due: with His Good Father: and the Holy Spirit: now and forever.

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