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Tote rwn a4moh nra2i: ovoh penlac qen ov0el3l: ge Penoc I3c Pxc: avmac4 qen B30leem.

Then our mouths are filled with joy: and our tongue rejoices: because our Lord Jesus Christ: was born in Bethlehem.

Xere 5baki mPennov5: tpolic nte n3etonq: fman2wpi nnidikeoc: ete 0ai te Ierovcal3m.

Hail to the city of our God: the city of Living: the dwelling-place of the righteous: that is Jerusalem.

Xere ne w B3e0leem: tpolic nniprof3t3c: n3etaver-prof3etevin: e0be pginmici nEmmanov3l.

Hail to thee O Bethlehem: the city of the prophets: who prophesized about: the birth of Emmanuel.

A piovwini ntafm3i: a42ai nan hwn mfoov: qen 5par0enoc Mariam: 52elet nka0aroc.

Today has dawned upon us: the True Light: from the Virgin Mary: the pure bride.

Maria acmici mPencwt3r: pimairwmi naja0oc: qen B30leem nte %iovdea: kata nicm3 nte niprof3t3c.

Mary gave birth to our Savior: the Good Lover-of-mankind: in Bethlehem of Judea: according to the prophets.

#ca3ac piprof3t3c: w2 ebol qen ovcm3 n0el3l: ge ecemici nEmmanov3l: Pencwt3r naja0oc.

Isaiah the prophet: proclaims in a joyful voice: saying, she will give birth to Emmanuel: our Good Savior.

Ic nif3ovi eveovno4: nem pkahi 0el3l: ge acmici nan nEmmanov3l: anon qa nixrictianoc.

The heavens rejoice: and likewise the earth: for she gave birth to Emmanuel: we the Christians.

E0be fai tenoi nramao: qen niaja0on etg3k ebol: qen ovnah5 teneryalin: engw mmoc ge all3lovia

For this we are rich: with the perfect goodness: and with Faith we chant: saying, Alleluia.

All3lovia al: al al: I3c Pxc P23ri mF5: avmac4 qen B30leem.

Alleluia Alleluia: Alleluia Alleluia: Jesus Christ the Son of God: was born in Bethlehem.

Fai ere piwov erprepi na4: nem Pe4iwt naja0oc: nem Pipnevma e0ovab: icgen 5nov nem 2a eneh.

To Him is due Glory: with His Good Father: and the Holy Spirit: from now and forever.


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