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Ke jar ai2ancagi e0b35 : w piharma `nxerovbimikon : palac naqici an eneh : tenermakarizin mmo.

For if I talk about thee: the  chariot of the Cherubim: my tongue will never get weary: from glorifying thee.

Ge ontwc jar 5na2en3i: 2a niavl3ov nte p3i nDavid: ntasi novcm3 ebol hitot4: e0ricagi mpetaio.

For I, indeed go to: the house of David: to acquire a voice by which: I can utter thy honor.

Ge aF5 ohi erat4: qen ni0w2 nte %iodea: a45 nte4cm3 qen ov0el3l: atfvl3 nIovda 2op4 eroc.

For God has stood: at the borders of Judea: and has given his voice cheerfully: and the tribe of Judea accpected it.

Tfvl3 nIovdea te 5par0enoc: 03etacmici mPencwt3r: ovoh on menenca 0recmac4: acohi ecoi mpar0enoc.

The Virgin is the tribe of Judea: who has given birth to our Savior: and after His birth: she remained a virgin.

Ebol jar hiten 5fwn3: nte Jabri3l piajjeloc: ten5 ne mpixereticmoc: w 50eotokoc Maria.

And with the voice of: Gabriel the angel: we magnify thee: O Mary the Theotokos.

Xere ne ebolhiten F5: xere ne ebolhiten Jabri3l: xere ne ebolhitoten: ge xere ne tensici mmo.

Hail to thee from God: hail to thee from Gabriel: hail to thee from us: we magnify thee saying, hail to thee.

Piajjeloc e0ovab Jabri3l: a4hi2ennov4i n5par0enoc: menenca piacpacmoc: a4tagro mmoc qen pe4cagi.

Gabriel the holy angel: preached to the Virgin: and after he saluted her: he strengthened her saying.

Ge mpererho5 Mariam: aregimi jar novhmot: qaten F5 h3ppe jar teraerboki: ovoh ntemici Nov23ri.

Fear not Mary: for thou hast found: favor with God: thou shall conceive: and bear a Son.

E4e5 na4 nge Poc F5: mpi0ronoc nte David pe4iwt: 4naerovro egen p3i nIakwb: 2a eneh nte pieneh.

And the Lord God: shall give Him the Throne of His father David: and He shall reign over the house of Jacob: for ever and ever.

E0be fai ten5wov ne: hwc 0eotokoc nc3ov niben: ma5ho ePoc ehr3i egwn: nte4xa nennobi nan ebol.

Therefore we glorify thee: as the Theotokos for all times: ask the Lord for us: that He may forgive us our sins.

Xere ne w 5par0enoc: 5ovrw mm3i nal30in3: xere p2ov2ov nte penjenoc: aregfo nan nEmmanov3l.

Hail to thee O Virgin: the true queen: hail to her who is the pride of our race: who gave birth to Emmanuel.

Ten5ho aripenmevi: w 5proctat3c etenhot: nahren Penoc I3c Pxc: nte4...

We ask thee to remember us: O faithful intercessor: before our Lord Jesus Christ: that He...

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