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Neknai w Pannov5: hanatsi3pi mmwov: ceo2 ema2w: nge nekmet2enh3t

Thy mercy O my God: is without limit: and extremely abundant: are Thy compassions.

Niteltili mmovnhwov: ce3p ntotk t3rov: pike2w nte fiom: cex3 nahren nekbal

The many rains: are contained by Thee: the sand of the sea: are present before Thy eyes.

Ie av3r mallon: ninobi nte tayvx3: nai e0ovwnh ebol: mpekm0o Paoc

How much more: are the sins of my soul: these which are seen: before Thee O my Lord.

Ninobi etaiaitov: Paoc nnekerpovmevi: ovde mper5h03k: enaanomia

The sins which I have done: my Lord remember them not: and do not count my iniquities.

Ge pitelwn3c akcotp4: 5porn3 akcw5 mmoc: piconi etcaovinam: Paoc aker-pe4mevi

For the tax-collector hast Thou chosen: the adulteress hast Thou saved: and the right thief: my Lord hast Thou remembered.

Anok hw Paoc: qa pire4ernobi: matcaboi ntairi: novmetanoia

I also my Lord: the sinner: teach me to offer: a metania (repentance).

Ge xovw2 mfmov an: mpire4ernobi: mfr35 nte4tac0o4: ntecwnq nge te4yvx3

For Thou does not desire the death: of a sinner: except that he return: and his soul may live.

Matac0on F5: eqovn epekovgai: ariovi neman: kata tekmetaja0oc

Return us O God: to Thy salvation: and deal with us: according to Thy Goodness.

Ge n0ok ovaja0oc: ovoh nna3t: marovtahon nxwlem: nge nekmet2enh3t

For Thou art Good: and Merciful: speedily let Thy Compassions: come upon us.­

@enh3t qaron t3ren: Poc F5 Pencwt3r: ovoh nai nan:  kata pekni25 nnai

Have compassion upon us all: O Lord God our Savior: and have mercy upon us: according to Thy great mercy.

Nai kiri mpovmevi: w penn3b Pxc: eke2wpi qen tenm35: ekw2 ebol ekgw mmoc

These remember them: O my Master Christ: be in our midst: proclaiming and saying.

Ge tahir3n3 anok: 55 mmoc nwten: thir3n3 mPaiwt: 5xw mmoc nemwten

My peace: I give it unto you: the peace of my Father: I leave unto you.

Povro nte 5hir3n3: moi nan ntekhir3n3: cemni nan ntekhir3n3: xa nennobi nan ebol

O King of peace: grant us Thy peace: confirm for us Thy peace: and forgive us our sins.

Gwr ebol nnigagi: nte 5ekkl3cia: aricobt eroc nneckim 2a eneh

Disperse the enemies: of Thy Church: fortify her stronghold: so She may not be shaken forever.

Emmanov3l Pennov5: qen tenm35 5nov: qen pwov nte Pe4iwt: nem Pipnevma e0ovab

Emmanuel our God: is now in our midst: with the Glory of His Father: and the Holy Spirit.

Nte4cmov eron t3ren: nte4tovbo nnenh3t: nte4talso nni2wni: nte nenyvx3 nem nencwma

May He bless every­one of us: and purify our hearts: and heal the sickness: of our souls and bodies. 

Tenovw2t mmok w Pxc: nem Pekiwt naja0oc: nem Pipnevma e0ovab: ge avmack akcw5 mmon

We worship Thee O Christ: with Thy Good Father: and the Holy Spirit: for Thou was born and saved us. 

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