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Xere ne ten5ho `ero: `w 03e0ovab e0meh `n`wov: etoi `mpar0enoc `nc3ov niben: 5macnov5 `0mav `mP=x=c.

Hail to you. We ask you: O saint, full of glory: the Ever-Virgin: the Mother of God, the Mother of Christ.

Aniovi `nten`procevx3: `e`p2wi ha pe23ri `mmenrit: `nte4xa nennobi nan `ebol.

Lift up our prayers: to your beloved Son: that He may forgive us our sins.

Xere 03`etacmici nan: `mpiovwini `nta`fm3i: P=x=c Pennov5: 5par0enoc e0ovab.

Hail to the holy Virgin: who bore for us: the true light: Christ our God.

Ma5ho `m`Psoic `e`hr3i `egwn: `nte4erovnai nem nenyvx3: `nte4xa nennobi nan `ebol.

Ask the Lord on our behalf: that He may have mercy on our souls: and forgive us our sins.

%par0enoc Mariam: 50e`otokoc e0ovab: 5`proctat3c `etenhot: `nte `pjenoc `nte 5metrwmi.

O Virgin Mary: the holy Mother of God: the trusted advocate: of the human race.

Ari`precbevin `e`hr3i `egwn: nahren P=x=c f3`etare`gfo4: hopwc `nte4er`hmot nan: `mpixw `ebol `nte nennobi.

Intercede on our behalf: before Christ Whom you bore: that He may grant us: the forgiveness of our sins.

Xere ne `w 5par0enoc: 5ovrw `mm3i `n`al30in3: xere `p2ov2ov `nte penjenoc: `are`gfo nan `nEmmanov3l.

Hail to you, O Virgin: the right and true Queen: Hail to the pride of our race: You bore for us Emmanuel.

Ten5ho `aripenmev``i: `w 5`proctat3c `etenhot: nahren Pensoic I=3=c P=x=c: `nte4xa nennobi nan `ebol.

We ask you, remember us: O our trusted advocate: before our Lord Jesus Christ: that He may forgive us our sins.


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