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Ebol hiten pe4`ctavroc: nem te4`anactacic e0ovab: a4tac0o `mpirwmi `nkecop: `eqovn `epiparadicoc.

It is through His Cross: and His Holy Resurrection: He returned mankind: once more to the Paradise.


Before the Main Sanctuary

Pi`4tov `nzwon `n`acwmatoc: et4ai qa piharma `nte `Fnov5: ovho `mmovi nem ovho `mmaci: ovho `nrwmi nem ovho `n`a`3toc.

The four bodiless living creatures: carrying the chariot of God: A face of a lion, a face of an ox: a face of a man, and a face of an eagle.


Before the Icon of Saint Mary

Tensici `mmo qen ovem`p2a: nem Elicabet tecvjjen3c: ge te`cmarwovt `n0o qen nihiomi: `4cmarwovt `nge `povtah `nte tenegi.

We exalt you worthily: with Elizabeth your kinswoman:
    saying, "Blessed are you among women: Blessed is the fruit of your womb."


Before the Icon of Archangel Gabriel

Jabri3l piajjeloc: a4nav ero4 `nge Dani3l: a4`ohi `erat4 higen ne4fat: higen nen`cfotov `m`fiaro.

Gabriel the angel: was seen by Daniel: standing on his feet: on the shore of the river.


Before the Icon of Archangel Michael

Mixa3l `parxwn `nna nif3ovi: `n0o4 etoi `n2orp: qen nita7ic `najjelikon: e42em2i `mpe`m0o `m`Psoic.

Michael, the chief of the heavenly ones: is the first: among the angelic orders: serving before the Lord.


Before the Icon of Saint Mark

Markoc pi`apoctoloc: ovoh pievajjelict3c: pime0re qa ni`mkavh: `nte pimonojen3c `nnov5.

Mark the Apostle: and the evangelist: the witness to the passion: of the Only Begotten God.


Before the Icons of the Apostles

I=3=c P=x=c a4ovwrp `mmwten: `w pim3t `cnav `n`apoctoloc: `eretenhiwi2 qen nie0noc: `eretenaitov `n`xrictianoc.

Jesus Christ sent you: O twelve apostles: to preach to the nations: and make them Christians.


Before the Icon of Any Martyr (Saint George)

@a24 `nrompi a4gokov `ebol: `nge f3e0ovab Je`wrjioc: `ere pi`2be `novro `n`anomoc: ev5hap `ero4 `mm3ni.

Seven years were completed: by Saint George: as seventy impious kings: were judging him everyday.


Before the Icon of Any Saint (Saint Antony)

Bwl`ebolqen netenh3t: `nnimokmek `nte 5kakia: nem nimev`i et2eb2wb: et`iri `mpinovc `nxaki.

Remove from your hearts: evil thoughts: and deceiving memories: that darken the mind.


Before the Northern Door

Ak2an`i qen tekmah`cnov5: `mparovcia etoi `nho5: `mpen`0rencwtem qen ov`c0erter: ge 5cwovn `mmwten an.

When You come again: in Your second fearful advent: may we not fearfully hear You say: I do not know you.


Before the Baptismal Font

A4erme0re `nge Iwann3c: qen pi`4tov `nevajjelion: ge ai5wmc `mPacwt3r: qen nimwov `nte piIordan3c.

John has witnessed: in the four gospels: saying, "I baptized my Savior: in the waters of the Jordan."


Before the Southern Door

F3`ethemci higen Nixerovbim: a4talo4 `eov`e`w: a42e `eqovn `eIerovcal3m: ovpe paini25 `n0ebio.

He, Who is sitting on the Cherubim: rode on a donkey: and entered into Jerusalem: What great humility!


Before the Icon of Saint John the Baptist

Mpe ovon twn4 qen niginmici: `nte nihiomi e4`oni `mmok: `n0ok ovni25 qen n3e0ovab t3rov: Iwann3c pire45wmc.

There is no one born: of women who is like you: You are
    great among all saints: O John the Baptist.


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