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Anon hwn qa nilaoc: ni23ri `nor0odo7oc: `ntenovw2t `mpi`ctavroc: `nte Pensoic I=3=c P=x=c.

We too, the people: the Orthodox children: we bow down to the Cross: of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pavloc pi`apoctoloc: e4gw `m`ptaio `mpi`ctavroc: ge tenna2ov2ov `mmon an: `eb3l qen pi`ctavroc `nte P=x=c.

Paul the apostle: speaks of the honor of the Cross: saying, We will not pride: except in the Cross of Christ.

Tenerhvmnoc `w nipictoc: `mPensoic I=3=c P=x=c: ovoh tenovw2t `mpe4`ctavroc: pi2e e0ovab `n`a0anatoc.

We sing hymns, O faithful: to our Lord Jesus Christ: and we worship His Cross: the immortal and holy wood.

Ten2ov2ov `mmok `w pi`ctavroc: f3`etav`i2i egwk `nI=3=c: ge `ebol hiten pektvpoc: an2wpi en`elev0eroc.

We take pride in you, O Cross: on which Jesus was crucified: for through your type: we were set free.

Rwov `nnior0odo7oc: nem 2a24 `ntajma `najjeloc: ce2ov2ov `mmok `w pi`ctavroc: `nte Pencwt3r `naja0oc.

The mouths of the Orthodox: and the seven orders of the angels: take pride in you, O Cross: of our Good Savior.

Tentalo `mmok `w pi`ctavroc: `fna25 `nni`xricti`anoc: `egen nenmo5 `ndvnatoc: ovoh `ntenw2 `ebol r3twc.

We carry you, O Cross: the strength of the Christians: powerfully around our necks: and we cry out openly.

Xere nak `w pi`ctavroc: `fra2i `nni`xricti`anoc: pisro ovbe pitvrannoc: nem pentagro anon qa nipictoc.

Hail to you, O Cross: the joy of the Christians: the conqueror of the tyranny: and our steadfastness, we the faithful.

Xere nak `w pi`ctavroc: `fnom5 `nnipictoc: ovoh `ptagro `nnimartvroc: 2a `ntovgwk `ebol `nnovbacanoc.

Hail to you, O Cross: the comfort of the faithful: the steadfastness of the martyrs: until they completed their tortures.

Xere nak `w pi`ctavroc: pihoplon `nte pisro: xere nak `w pi`ctavroc: pi`0ronoc `mpiovro.

Hail to you, O Cross: the weapon of victory: Hail to you, O Cross: the throne of the King.

Xere nak `w pi`ctavroc: pim3ini `nte piovgai: xere nak `w pi`ctavroc: piovwini eta42ai.

Hail to you, O Cross: the sign of salvation: Hail to you, O Cross: the shining light.

Xere nak `w pi`ctavroc: 5c34i `nte Pi`pnevma: xere nak `w pi`ctavroc: 5movmi `nnixaricma.

Hail to you, O Cross: the sword of the Spirit: Hail to you, O Cross: the spring of grace.

Xere nak `w pi`ctavroc: pi0vcavroc `nte ni`aja0on: xere nak `w pi`ctavroc: 2a `pgwk `ebol `nni`ewn.

Hail to you, O Cross: the treasure of good things: Hail to you, O Cross: to the end of the ages.

Xere nak `w pi`ctavroc: f3`eta `povro Kwnctantinoc: ol4 nema4 `epipolemoc: a42ari `nnibarbaroc.

Hail to you, O Cross: which King Constantine: carried with him to war: and smote the barbarians.

`$tai3ovt jar `ema2w: `nge pim3ini `nte pi`ctavroc: `nte I=3=c P=x=c `povro: Pennov5 `n`al30inoc.

Greatly honored: is the sign of the Cross: of Jesus Christ the King: our True God.

F3`etava24 `epi`ctavroc: 2a`nte4cw5 `mpenjenoc: anon de hwn marentaio4: enw2 `ebol engw `mmoc.

He, Who was crucified on the Cross: in order to save our race: We too, let us honor Him: crying out saying.

Pi`ctavroc pe penhoplon: pi`ctavroc pe tenhelpic: pi`ctavroc pe pentagro: qen nenhogheg nem nen`0liyic.

The Cross is our weapon: The Cross is our hope: The Cross is our steadfastness: in our troubles and sufferings.

Ge `4`cmarwovt `nge P=x=c Pennov5: nem pe4`ctavroc `nre4tanqo: f3`etava24 `e`hr3i `egw4: 2a`nte4cotten qen nennobi.

For blessed is Christ our God: and His life-giving Cross: on which He was crucified: in order to save us from our sins.

Tenhwc `ero4 ten5`wov na4: tenerhov`o sici `mmo4: hwc `aja0oc ovoh `mmairwmi: nai nan kata pekni25 `nnai.

We praise Him and glorify Him: and exalt Him above all: as Good and Lover of Mankind: Have mercy on us according to Your great mercy.


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