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Joljo0a `mmethebreoc: pi`kranion `mmetoveinin: pima etava2k `Psoic `nq3t4: akfwr2 `nnekgig `ebol: av`i2i nemak `nkeconi `cnav: catekovinam nem catekgas3: `n0ok ekx3 qen tovm35: `w picwt3r `n`aja0oc.

Golgotha in Hebrew: Kranion in Greek: the place where You, O Lord, were crucified: You stretched out Your hands: and they crucified two thieves with You: One at Your right and the other at Your left: You were in the midst: O Good Savior.

Do7a patri ke ``Viw ke ajiw `Pnevmati.

Glory be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

A4w2 `ebol `nge piconi: etcaovinam e4gw `mmoc: ge `aripamev`i `w Pasoic: `aripamev`i `w Pacwt3r: `aripamev`i `w Paovro: ak2an`i qen tekmetovro: a4`erovw na4 `nge `Psoic: qen ov`cm3 `mmetremrav2: ge `mfoov ek`e2wpi nem3i: `n`hr3i qen tametovro.

The right-hand thief: cried out saying: "Remember me O my Lord: Remember me O my Savior: Remember me O my King: when You come into Your kingdom": The Lord answered him: in a gentle voice: "Today, you will be with Me: in My Kingdom."

Ke nvn ke ``ai ke ic tovc: `e`wnac twn `e`wnwn `am3n.

Now and forever and unto: the ages of ages. Amen.

Av`i `nge nidikeoc: Iwc3f nem Nikod3moc: avsi `n`tcar7 `nte P=x=c: av5 `novcogen `e`hr3i `egw4: avkoc4 avxa4 qen ov`mhav: evhwc `ero4 evgw `mmoc: ge `ajioc `o )eoc: `ajioc Icxvroc: `ajioc A0anatoc: `o `ctavrw0ic di`3mac `ele`3con `3mac.

The righteous ones: Joseph and Nicodemus: came and took the body of Christ: and gave ointment to Him: They placed and buried Him in a tomb: praising Him saying: "Holy God: Holy Mighty: Holy Immortal: Who was crucified for us, have mercy on us."

Do7a patri ke ``Viw ke ajiw `Pnevmati: ke nvn ke ``ai ke ic tovc: `e`wnac twn `e`wnwn `am3n.

Glory be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit: now and forever and unto: the ages of ages. Amen.

Anon hwn marenovw2t `mmo4: enw2 `ebol engw `mmoc: ge nai nan `Fnov5 pencwt3r: f3`etava24 `epi`ctavroc: ek`eqomqem `m`pcatanac: capec3t `nnensalavg.

We too, let us worship Him: crying out saying: "Have mercy on us O God our Savior: Who was crucified on the cross: trample Satan: under our feet."

Cw5 `mmon ovoh nai nan: Kvrie `ele`3con: Kvrie `ele`3con: Kvrie evloj3con: `am3n: `cmov `eroi: `cmov `eroi: ic 5metanoia: xw n3i `ebol gw `mpi`cmov.

Save us and have mercy on us: Lord have mercy: Lord have mercy: Lord bless: Amen: Bless me: Bless me: Behold, the metanoia: Forgive me: Say the blessing.


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