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Neknai `w Pasoic 5nahwc `mmwov Print E-mail
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Neknai `w Pasoic 5nahwc `mmwov: 2a `eneh `nte pi`eneh: ovoh icgen gwov 2a gwov: 5nagw `ntekme0m3i qen rwi.

Your mercies O My Lord, I will praise: forever and ever: and from generation to generation: I will declare Your truth with my mouth.

Na`anomia avsici `eta`afe: ovoh av`hro2 `e`hr3i `egwi: `Fnov5 cwtem `epa4i`ahom: hiovi `mmwov `ebolharoi.

My sins reached above my head: and are too heavy for me: O God, hear my sighs: and cast them away from me.

Aritt `m`fr35 `mpitelwn3c: f3`eta4ernobi `erok: ak2enh3t `e`hr3i `egw4: akxa ne4nobi na4 `ebol.

Make me like the publican: who sinned against You: You were compassionate toward him: and forgave him his sins.

Aritt `m`fr35 `n5porn3: 03`etakcw5 `mmoc `ebol: aktovnoc aknohem `mmoc: ge acranak `mpek`m0o.

Make me like the adulteress: whom You have saved: raised and delivered: for she had pleased You.

Aritt `m`fr35 `mpiconi: f3`etava24 `nca tekov`inam: a4er`omolojin `mmok: `mpair35 e4gw `mmoc.

Make me like the thief: who was crucified at Your right hand: He confessed You: likewise saying.

Ge `aripamev`i `w Pasoic: `aripamev`i `w Panov5: `aripamev`i `w Paovro: ak2an`i qen tekmetovro.

Remember me, O my Lord: Remember me, O my God: Remember me, O my King: when You come into Your kingdom.

N0ok de `w Pacwt3r: ak2wp `erok `nte4`omolojia: ak2enh3t `e`hr3i `egw4: a4ovorp4 `epiparadicoc.

For You, my Savior: did accept his confession: You were compassionate toward him: and sent him to the Paradise.

Anok hw qa pire4ernobi: I=3=c Panov5 paovro `mm3i: 2ana`h03k `e`hr3i `egwi: aritt `m`fr35 `novai `nnai

Likewise I, the sinner: Jesus, my God and my True King: have compassion on me: and make me as one of these.

cwovn ge `n0ok ov`aja0oc: `nre42enh3t ovoh `nna3t: `aripamev`i qen peknai: 2a `eneh `nte pi`eneh.

I know that You are Good: compassionate and merciful: Remember me in Your mercy: forever and ever.

twbh `mmok `w Pasoic I=3=c: `mpercohi `mmoi qen pekgwnt: ovde on qen pek`mbon: `mper5`cbw `ntametat`emi.

I pray to You, O my Lord Jesus: do not destroy me in Your anger: nor with Your wrath: Chasten me for my ignorance

Ge `xovw2 `m`fmov an `mpire4ernobi: `m`fr35 `nte4kot4 ovoh `nte4wnq: 2ana`h03k `ntametgwb: `mpercomc `eroi qen ov`mbon.

For You do not desire the death of a sinner: rather that he may return and live: Have pity on my weakness: and do not look at me in anger.

Aiernobi I=3=c Pasoic: aiernobi I=3=c Panov5: paovro `mperwp `eroi: `nninobi etaiaitov.

I have sinned, Jesus, my Lord: I have sinned, Jesus, my God: My King, do not count: the sins I have committed.

5ho `erok `w Pacwt3r: mare nekme0na3t tahoi: `ntovnohem `mmoi qen ni`anajk3: et5 ovbe `etayvx3.

I ask You, O My Savior: let Your mercies come to me: And save me from the troubles: that come to my soul.

Mperhi `xrwm `etametatcwovn: `m`fr35 hw4 `nCodoma: ovde on `mpertakoi: `m`fr35 hw4 `nJomorra

Do not burn me for my ignorance: as You did Sodom: Do not destroy me: as You did Gomorrah.

Alla Pasoic ariovi nem3i: `m`fr35 `nniremNinev3: nai `etavermetanoin: akxa novnobi nwov `ebol.

But my Lord, deal with me: as You did with the people of Nineveh: those who repented: You forgave them their sins.

Alla mare nekme0na3t: tahoi Pasoic qen ovi3c: `ntaw2 `ebol nem pailaoc: qen ov`cm3 `natxarwc.

But let Your mercies: come to me quickly my Lord: that I may cry out with these people: with an unceasing voice.

E0be fai 5twbh `mmok: `Psoic `Fnov5 Pacwt3r: `mper`iri `novhap nem3i: `anok qa pigwb `nre4ernobi.

Wherefore I pray to You: Lord God, my Savior: do not judge me: I, the weak and the sinful.

Alla bwl `ebol xw n3i `ebol: `nnapara`ptwma eto2: hwc `aja0oc ovoh `mmairwmi: nai nan kata pekni25 `nnai.

But absolve and forgive me: my many transgressions: as Good and Lover of Mankind: Have mercy on us according to Your great mercy.


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